Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coming of age

A wonderful team of experts on ICT took their time to write Coming of age…: Terry Freedman, Miles Berry, John Bidder, Mechelle de Craene, Jhon Evans, Peter Ford, Josie Fraser, Steve Lee, Ewan Mcintosh, Alan November, Chris Smith, Dai Thomas, David Warlick and Shawn Wheeler... Coming of Age, a booklet in PDF format, is an introducion to the new world wide web, Web 2.0

Its content is made up of definitions, tools, case studies and articles related to ICT. I think it is worth having it and reading it by those interested in ICT now. Looking still further ahead, I think It will be a must-read booklet by most ELT practitioners and teacher trainees. It’s free and the only thing they ask people to do is: "Please, distribute it and make use of this information in your daily teaching practice! You can download the booklet here:  

Although I haven't finished reading the whole booklet yet, what I have read so far has helped me expand or clarify ICT notions or issues I have thought about or commented in my workshops in public schools and universities in Venezuela (I will comment on this project in a coming blog post). Coming of Age is a well organized document and each contribution is accompanied by links to illustrate or encourage the reader to become part of the Web 2.0.

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