Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Twitter: do you know where you going to?

I was just listening to Evan Williams and he described how Twitter ended up being what they never thought it would become. First let's start with what they thought Twitter would be for. It was created to share trivial things in about 140 characters or less like "I'm mad. couldn't find a decent single bathroom while running errands downtown". What's interesting about these updates is that lots of people may receive them instantly! Thus, reducing the distance among people around the world. Isn't that neat? Here's what Twitter is becoming: 1. Twitter in Real time events,say, Hurricane Katerina. 2. Twitter for businesses (marketing) 3. Twitter for politics (Barackobama) Users' contribution to Twitter: 1. Using the syntax @profile to reply to someone (this was later built into Twitter system to made it easier to twitterers) 2. Using APIs. This means that programmers can write software that interacts with twitter. For example, a fetal kick detector that twitters when baby kicks , Kickbee, plants twittering to owners, real time Twitter search. 3. Using Twitter to help each other out (e.g. raising money for homeless people). What was not mentioned in Evan Williams's talk is that Twitter can be used: 1. for conferences 2. to broadcast news 3. to announce events 4. to provide updates on new web 2.0 tools (as some EFL teachers do) It was interesting to listen to Evan Williams talking about Twitter because it shows how people has stretched the possibilities of web 2.0 tools like Twitter to other applications or uses.

Twitter Drawback (at least in Venezuela):
I wonder why in Venezuela, South America, we cannot use Twitter in our cell phones. For some reason, we have been denied the pleasure of fully enjoying this web service. BTW, same thing happens with some other web services like Amazon; no video downloads are allowed . I wonder why? I feel frustrated every time I read "This is only available for such and such countries (generally Europe or the States)". Reducing the digital divide?
Twitter Glossary:  
Twitter (noun): the micro-blogging web service
(to) twitter (verb): to update messages via PC or cell phone.  
Tweets (noun): people's posts  
Twitterer: the one who twitters  
*Tweeps: Twitter people / followers  
*Tweet exhaustation: the flooding, never ending tweets
Tworn: Twitter porn
Twammer: Twitter spammer  

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