Friday, February 15, 2008

They are all stars! (Web-based lesson sample)

I. Before you start

1. Have a look at these film stars. Who are they? What do you know about them?

Now tell your partner what you know about them.

II. Getting down into business

2. You are going to complete some information about an actor/actress you talked about in Activity I. To do so:

2.1. Your teacher will ask you to "become" one of the actors or actresses above. You will find information about them.
2.2. He/She will also assign you to a group to fill in a chart.
2.2. Click on the Film Star Button below, to start off this activity.

3. Complete the following biography on Heath Ledger. If you are not sure on your answer, click on ? to get some clues. Click on his picture to start the activity.

III. Follow-up

4. Using notes from the information collected from the Film Star Chart, write a biography. Send the biography to your teacher's e-mail.

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