Thursday, May 18, 2006

Off-line web-based lesson!

Planning a lesson off-line can be easy. Its design is the same as the one described in this blog (See: Web-based lesson design process, March 22nd, 2006). The only difference is that you will be using, to put it some way, off-line links! This type of activity is advisable if there’s a lab in your school or university but the Internet connection is very slow. Or you’ve got computers but no Internet connection. Let’s see what you need to do to design this off-line lesson in Word documents.  

Making off-line links in Word documents 
It just takes 2 steps:  create a folder and a hyperlink.  

Step 1 (Create a folder) 
1. Create a folder on your desktop (or any other place on your computer) and name it.  
2. Save the webpage(s) in this folder. 
3. Decide where the hyperlink will be in your web-based lesson.  

Step 2 (Create a hyperlink)  
1. Type a word or phrase (the name of a quiz, game or site) to make your hyperlink.  
2. Drag your mouse over the word or phrase and right click .  
3. A small menu appears. Choose Hyperlink or Hipervinculo (Spanish version). 
4. Now find the folder where you have the webpage. Choose this webpage. And click on accept. 5. Voila! You have created a hyperlink!  

Some quizzes can be saved but “the check answers button” may not work. You will have to discuss the answers and give feedback to your students. Some games can be downloaded. Others do not! If you are interested in several pages from the same site, save them all. You don't have to do anyhting else. Links for all the pages saved will be available automatically.

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