Thursday, March 02, 2006

What's it all about?

This blog is for teachers who are willing to start exploring ICT (Information and Communications Technology)and are interested in integrating it into the language classroom. Suggestions will be welcome! I hope you can get the most of it and realize that using ICT in ELT (English Language Teaching) is more than a "cool" thing to do. It is a tool that can enhance our teaching practice and as a result the learning of our students. You will find here:  

1) Sites for ICT activities

2) Articles related to ICT

3) Tutorials 

4) ICT events 

If it's your first time into ICT, it might be a bit confusing - You know, a sea of terms and tools (most of them alike), a lot of clicking here and there, downloads , uploads, googling, moodling, skyping, podcasting, e-mailing...Don't get scared!...Once you've given it a try and you sort of become an "expert" , at least, in one of them, understanding the rest might become a whole lot easier...Yes, it will be a bit chaotic at first but rewarding at the end...And, I truly believe that "...knowing is better than wondering..." (Benjamin Franklin)

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